Our story begins in November 1973, when Bhupendra "B.B." Patel took a leap of faith and purchased a 30-room motel in Redwood City, sight unseen.  Weeks later, the 29-year old B.B. Patel drove him and his family from Pennsylvania to California, and moved into the manager's apartment at the Varsity Motel.

To B.B., purchasing the hotel wasn't just a business endeavor; It was about giving back to his family and community. A decade earlier, B.B.'s parents had saved enough money for him to travel away from their small farming village in India to attend school in the United States. Because of that sacrifice, B.B. knew it was his responsibility to provide the same opportunities for his extended family. The Varsity Motel was the perfect place to cultivate this sense of belonging.

By the late 70's, the small manager's room at the Varsity Hotel was filled with nineteen of B.B.'s family members. During this time period, B.B. worked two jobs, an engineer by day and hotel manager by night. With the same hard work and scrappiness that he inherited from his parents, B.B. grew the business one hotel at a time. With each purchase, he gave his family members the keys to their own hotel and their own life. He was giving his cousins and nieces the same opportunities his parents gave him.

This sense of hard work, humility and gratitude was something that B.B. passed down to every family member that entered the business. Over the years, the entire Patel family grew up on construction sites and on the management team. In doing so, B.B. installed the core values into this company: To be scrappy and hardworking, to be authentic and humble, to always seek to understand and be committed to growth.

In the early 2000's, B.B.'s son (Perry) and daughter (Rita) took a leadership role in the business and used their father's principles to expand the company's mission and infrastructure. Today, BPR Properties has grown into a portfolio of thirteen incredible lifestyle and branded hotels, all unique to the communities they serve. Just as our founder cultivated a sense of belonging within our family, we continue to do the same with our team members and guests. Our company is proud of its humble beginnings and the core values that have guided our mission for the last four decades. Now, they guide us into the future.


Our History

Our History
1944 Humble Beginnings

BPR Owner, Bhupendra "B.B." Patel, was the first in his family to come to America. B.B.'s family grew up in a small farming village near Surat,India, and saved enough money for their son to further his education by attending Villanova University to get a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Our History

Our History
1973 Taking a chance

B.B. purchased his first motel, Varsity Motel, a 30-room motel in Redwood City, California site unseen. Soon after, the family drove across country and settled into the Manager’s apartment of the motel. Within weeks, B.B. began working as a mechanical engineer during the day, and a hotel operator by night.

Our History


In 1981, B.B. Patel developed his first ground up property - the Best Western Mountain View Inn. Interest rates at the time were in low 20%, yet B.B. took the risk and chance to continue his growth. By this point, he quit his engineer job and was solely focused on the hospitality business.

Our History

Our History

B.B. stumbled upon his first first full service in 1996, when he acquired the Cabana Hotel. Completely shuttered and abandoned, B.B. took the empty shell and renovated the hotel in its entirety. The Cabana Hotel was originally built in 1962 by Doris Day and immediately became a magnet for Hollywood celebrities. It was featured by Life Magazine as "one of the best hotels on the West Coast."

Our History

Our History
2007 First Lifestyle Hotel

At this point, B.B.'s children, Perry and Rita, had joined the organization and in 2007, they acquired the Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley. Originally built in 1906 and having survived the earthquake and fire, it was the jewel of Downtown Berkeley. BPR renovated the hotel completely and ventured into their first lifestyle hotel.

Our History

2015 First Marriott and Hilton Projects

By 2015, BPR had signed deals with Marriott to develop the Hi-Lo Hotel in Portland, OR and Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz, CA. They also had signed their first deal with Hilton to develop their first Hampton Inn and first extended-stay hotel, Homewood Suites Belmont.

Our History

Our History
The Future

Today, the company has 700 employees, five lifestyle hotels, and partnerships with Marriott, Hilton, and IHG all unique to the community it serves. Just like our founder created a sense of belonging within our family, we do the same for our team members and family today. Our company is proud of its humble beginnings and the core values that has guided our company for over four decades. Now, they guide us into the future.

Our History

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Established in 1973, we are an innovative hospitality company that creates lasting guest experiences through engaging and creative hotels. Our mission is simple – Passionately create a sense of belonging in every project we develop. From serene Santa Cruz, to picturesque Palo Alto, Berkeley and soon to be Portland, our properties are all unique and authentic to the communities they serve. ...Read more

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