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Excellent food and service; we went for a friends' get together and loved the modern Mexican fare. The drinks were great too- even the mocktails. The place is vegetarian friendly too, which was a huge plus for us. Fits well in Portland's vibrant good scene.- opentable.com user


Alto Bajo will showcase traditional Mexican flavors in a modern, distinctive way.

Alto Bajo will deliver a balance of classic Oaxacan cuisine with accents of contemporary style. The newest downtown destination will embrace a true culture and offer a unique dining experience to the city of Portland. An innovative beverage program will showcase and highlight both tequila and mescal, offering pairings that will delight the palate of locals and tourists. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and also a weekend brunch.

Chef Chip Barnes philosophy on the Alto Bajo menu is to take traditional Mexican cooking techniques and flavors and embellish them respectfully with all the wonderful ingredients available to him in the Pacific Northwest. His idea is to create an approachable, interactive and playful menu that is also a little more refined and modern. Chip collaborated on the menu with celebrated chef, Illiana de la Vega of Restaurante El Naranjo in Oaxaca, Mexico and Austin, Texas.

WebSite : www.altobajopdx.com

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